Ice rocker

I’ve talked before about Miss Rowan’s ability on the blades. Well I’ve just got to share her latest adventure….

Last weekend, while we were all hunkered down waiting out the storm – she was tearing up the ice to Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

Sadly, WordPress won’t let me share the video unless I upgrade, so you’ll have to sing the song yourself, and imagine how cute and awesome she was.


Her moves netted her a silver. This kid amazes me more every day!

8 thoughts on “Ice rocker

  1. Araignee

    What a wonderful program that must have been!
    Daughter is up in Detroit at the US Nationals this weekend so I watched the Ladies on TV last night. Meh….the new crop of skaters are too young and too damn skinny. I want to see some power in those legs. Skating isn’t ballet for crying out loud.


  2. Shirley

    She is just adorable! My granddaughter has been ice skating for about ten years. I love that it is a sport I can go watch and not sweat. So fun to pull out a heavy coat, gloves and a blanket in August when going to watch her perform.


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