Oh my stars!

During the week, I finished up the last of the Marseilles Star blocks and took them for a little layout test run.


While they do look quite nice on my red bed sheet, there will be plain white blocks in between (and I’m hoping I can convince Mom to try out some of her fancy quilting rulers on them).

This isn’t the final layout either. I actually made 14 blocks, so I’m going to play with things a bit and see if I can find one that uses all 14. If not, I might incorporate  the extra in the back.

I’m going to rummage around the stash and see if I have something for a nice border too. If not, I’ll have to make a trip to Lens…. oh the hardship!

9 thoughts on “Oh my stars!

  1. Shirley

    Those stars are just wonderful! Oh, what magic your Mom could create on the white blocks experimenting with her rulers. Looking forward to seeing the next stage of this quilt.


  2. Wonderful stars! They look fantastic on that red sheet, too. (Go ahead, set them with red!)
    And oh what a shame if you have to go border shopping. So so sad for you… 8)


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