Conjuring spring

It’s about the time of year that I start to get a little antsy.  The world looks like this…


But I want it to look like this.


It’s not that I mind the snow. I just wish we got it in November to January, and by February we were onto spring!

With global warming, maybe that will happen at some point, but until it does, I’m left to page through my seed catalogues and dream.


When I’m not dreaming, I’m knitting with spring on my mind.


The pattern is Calendula. Right now it’s endless short rows of garter, but eventually the beautiful lace leaves will start to emerge. And they will be beaded too! It’s been so long since I knit a shawl – it’s nice to be at it again.

The yarn is our Top Cat, and it’s a blend of cashmere and merino. The colour is Jiminy Cricket, and it’s one of my earliest creations. It’s about time it’s being used!


10 thoughts on “Conjuring spring

  1. jatshaw

    Our yard looks like yours this morning (and not the green one!) It’s the first time in ages we’ve had this much snow, and even a little bit keeps folks off our hills. It took me several tries to get a hellebore started in our yard, but it was worth the effort!


  2. Shirley

    The green yarn is working up so pretty and I am looking forward to seeing the leaves and beads. It is 65 degrees in NC today and we have more days like this in the forecast. Just wonderful to be outside. Last week, we had several nights of temperatures in the teens (unusual for us) and days in the 30s. It has been a weather roller coaster.


  3. Oh, that shawl will be gorgeous. We are in the 50’s here, but back to cold by the weekend. Does your Mom work for cheap? I have some cutting to do myself. And that quilt!!! OMG it just sparkles, hope your thread buying chance comes soon!


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