Crafting cats

Since Mom was so kind as to cut all my pieces for Cat Fancy, it seemed only right that I get to work on the piecing of it.


I didn’t get too far – just the first two steps. the HSTs were pretty simple. The geese weren’t hard, but it was my first time making real geese (not just sticking two HSTs together) so I wanted to make sure I got them right. I quite enjoyed it, so I’m sure there will be a Flying Geese quilt in my future.

But not until this one is finished. And that will be a while yet. While it’s not overly hard, it’s not quite a beginner kit, and there are a lot of moving pieces. Better I take it one step at a time!

11 thoughts on “Crafting cats

  1. Shirley

    I love those flying geese blocks! Not only the paw print fabric but the colors which remind me of fall. I know everyone else is looking forward to spring but fall is my absolute favorite time of the year. It makes me smile to look at those colors.


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