Ice, ice baby

All that snow I showed you on Monday is gone. We had a brief warm up and it melted in no time. I’d be excited, but it’s still February… Mother Nature is not fooling me.

Yesterday the freezing rain moved in.


Everything is covered in ice. Schools are closed, and roads are chaos. Luckily, I work from home, so my commute down the stairs in the morning wasn’t affect by anything more than the usual Burton laying on the step, and Relic dancing around my feet begging to go outside.


At lunch I took a break to join Relic  outside. He was not thrilled about the weather, but after that warm up, he’s determined Spring will come if he keeps going outside to check.


The driveway was a sheet of pure ice, and the lawn little icy daggers.


The birds have been out and about too – despite the icicles on their feeder, the top has kept the ice out of the seed.


As inconvenient (and dangerous) as it can be for some – I do love a good ice storm. There’s beauty in everything Mother Nature throws at us.



10 thoughts on “Ice, ice baby

  1. I managed to get to the office during the sleet storm, and then marveled at all the cars with ‘whiskers’! By the time I drove home again, the main roads were good, but the sidewalks are still crunchy…


  2. Shirley

    Such beautiful photos but so treacherous if you are outside. Glad your commute is just down the stairs. It is currently 77 degrees here in NC today. It has been a wonderful week of warm weather but it is about to come to an end. Winter is far from over for us also.


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