Swing with us

Since I got the slip-stitch socks complete, my sock needles have been empty. It’s perfect timing to join up with Vera and Dee in a little KAL.


The pattern is Sunday Swing. It’s a simple pattern that’s easy to memorize. It’s also one of those patterns that make you want to finish a whole repeat before putting it down, so it’s moving along nicely.

It’s a great pattern to work with a crazy handpaint like this. I’m using Barn Cat in Bird on a Wire. It’s one of the last skeins I dyed up last year.

This pair will be for my Sister-in-Law (her birthday is next month), but I’m thinking I should use the second skein I have of it for a pair of socks for Dave. He doesn’t mind wild socks, and these colours work just as well for a man as a woman. But for now, I’ve got to finish this pair.

I’m almost to the heel already, so I don’t expect this pair to be on the needles for too long.

12 thoughts on “Swing with us

  1. Shirley

    I want to be your SIL! Those socks are going to be so pretty. Love the yellow and blue and then a touch of gray and green (or at least that’s how it looks on my screen). Such a nice gift.


    1. Good eye on the colour! It’s funny – in the skein, the grey was the dominant colour, but knit up, the turquoise and yellow have really taken over. And there’s just a tiny bit of green where the turquoise and yellow meet.



  2. Beautiful yarn/pattern combination! You’re right I never thought about it, but those patterns where you need to complete a whole repeat to help keep track really do go much faster!


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