Sewing spring

While I worked on Cat Fancy on last Saturday, on Sunday I wanted a bit of a change.

So, I got to cutting the plain white strips I needed to for my Purrfect Petals quilt. I always try to chain piece whenever possible, so that meant attaching the petals in sets of two first, then working on the strips that hold the centre block.

After an afternoon of sewing, I had all my petals paired up and all their centre strips ready to go. By that time, the clock had struck 4 p.m., but I just couldn’t resist tempting pumpkin brain to get a few finished flowers together.


I’ve got 18 more flowers to make, but with everything ready to go, they won’t take long.  I guess I better start thinking about border fabric for this one!

7 thoughts on “Sewing spring

  1. Shirley

    That is a great block! Love the fabrics and the fabric you used for the center is so perfect. You are really on a roll with your projects. Really looking forward to seeing all the blocks assembled.


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