Swinging sock



I give you the first completed Sunday Swing sock! It went very fast and was fun to knit. And I’d already got the second sock underway so hopefully I can avoid the dreaded SSS.

As you can see, I didn’t carry the lace down the foot as the pattern calls for. That’s because I found the leg was twisting a bit and I was worried it would cause the foot to twist when wearing. Plus the recipient lives where they get a lot of cold and snow… socks with too many holes just aren’t practical.

The pattern also calls for only three repeats on the leg. Were these socks  for me, I probably would have stuck to that (I prefer a shorter sock). Since they are not, I added one extra repeat. I think several other KALers have done the same.

It never ceases to amaze me how different a yarn can look knit up. In the skein, the grey was much more dominant.


But knit up, that Turquoise just takes over with the Yellow coming a close second. Just part of the magic of knitting, I guess!

8 thoughts on “Swinging sock

  1. jatshaw

    Wow! you are a speedy one! Thanks for the tip on the leg; I’ve just finished the second repeat and hadn’t noticed where the pattern said 3 repeats. I agree that the pattern seems kind of twisty.


  2. Shirley

    Love that sock! Also, I like how you changed the pattern to have no lace in the foot portion. I really like the design created. Just beautiful colors.


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