Swinging wheels

I mentioned a few posts back that the crazy pinwheels wouldn’t be Leaders and Enders for much longer… and here’s the proof!


All the individual pinwheels were assembled so it was time to lay them all out and contemplate the craziness I had assembled. AS you can see – I had some help.

After extracting the cats, I paired them all up and sewed them into two patches. then those two patches got paired into four patches. I didn’t worry too much about placement – I just made sure no two like fabrics were touching. Anything more than that and I would have gone insane.


The four patches now need to be sewn into a top, but that was enough for one day. And since this is no longer a L&E project, it needs a proper name. I’m calling it Go, Daddio, since it was inspired by Daddio’s Thangles quilt, and it’s a swinging swirling mass that makes me think of one of my favourite Swing songs – Go Daddy-O.

Now excuse me – I’ve got to go figure out something to make for L&Es now!

11 thoughts on “Swinging wheels

  1. Shirley

    I love scrappy quilts and yours has such a wonderful assortment of colors and designs and they all blend well. Great helpers! I have two that are instantly on anything that I lay on the floor (my floor being by design wall/board).


  2. Oh it looks fabulous!

    I LOVE the photo with the 2 cats owning your project LOL. I wish you had video of removing them, they seriously look like it belongs to them and asking them to leave … the nerve!


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