Happy Valentine’s Day

I have a confession to make! I love Valentine’s Day. I always have. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because February is just so bleak otherwise, it’s nice to have a cheerful little day in the middle of it to lift the spirits.

That said, Dave and I don’t go crazy. Some years, it’s just a card, because that’s all we can manage. This year Valentine’s came a little early. I ordered him some new jeans, which he was in desperate need of. So when they arrived, I didn’t hang onto them, just handed them over.

Dave ordered me some of my favourite candles and when they arrived, he just couldn’t wait for me to open them.


And of course, I couldn’t wait to burn them and get my prizes!


That week I also got a lovely little gift from Araignee.


A Valentine’s package of her beautiful soaps, lotion bar and a lip balm! And of course one of her amazing handmade cards!

Even though Valentine’s came early this year, we’re still celebrating – I’ve been saving a restaurant gift card since Christmas!

Hope there’s something sweet in your day.

8 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. I have always loved Valentine’s Day as well – when we were kids my parents would always give us a card and either a treat or some little package! It was never a day where you had to be in a couple or anything like that.

    Tonight I will give The Tim his card, and we will celebrate Pip the cat’s birthday – I can’t wait!

    Have a happy day. xo


  2. Shirley

    Happy Valentine’s Day! I love that you stretched out the celebration. I’ve always thought it was a cheerful break during winter. And what’s not to love about chocolate???


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