We got another round of snow, followed by freezing rain earlier in the week. And while us work-from-homers don’t get snow days, since the people still in the office do, it means I usually don’t have as much work to do.

So I took advantage of the brief moment of quiet and worked on the Purrfect Petals quilt. It didn’t take long to get all the flowers together. (This quilt really is a good one for beginners – sews up fast and easy and looks great!) Since that didn’t take much time, I figured I’d just push through and put them all together.


By dinner time my garden was complete! It’s not quite a completed top though – I plan to do one more coloured border around it. When I ordered the thread to finish Sam’s quilt, I added a yard of fabric from this line to my cart. It should arrive sometime this week.

I am cheating a little and taking it out of its box a little early (normally I don’t do that until the top is complete). I have a new project I really want to start. (More on that soon).


Burton says: “Rowan doesn’t need a quilt, but I think I do! Look how well I match!”

8 thoughts on “Bloomin’

  1. Shirley

    That is going to be such a beautiful quilt! The fabrics are just wonderful and the pattern is great. Sure does not look like an easy quilt to piece. Love it when a quilt looks like it will require a lot of effort to piece but that is not the case. Burton sure looks good on the quilt. I would have a hard time gifting that quilt.


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