Leafin’ out!

With all the sewing around here, I bet you’re ready for a little knitting. Well here it is!


That pile of yarn spaghetti is a half completed Calendula shawl. I actually expected to a a little further along by now, but there have been a couple of hiccups. First, I realized I read the pattern wrong and did way too many short rows. It might have been nicer with a bigger, deeper garter section, but I probably would have run out of yarn. So I had to pretty much rip out and start all over.

Then the other morning,  I came down to this:


I believe it was a form of protest. This little Ginger Nut.


Likes to lay on my outstretched legs in the evenings. However, when I’m knitting, I’m sitting up – which means no leg cushions for Mr. Ru.  So now there’s a little less knitting each evening to make sure he gets properly snuggled.IMG_5260Even so, I’m well into the leaf lace and loving it. There are beads in there, though you can’t see them – they are almost the same colour as the yarn. I’ll get better pics eventually, but in reality, they won’t do much more than add a touch of sparkle to it.


12 thoughts on “Leafin’ out!

  1. Michelle Cooper

    Love the colour – of the shawl and of wee Rupert. My cat, Megs the tabby, only gets into things when I’m home and awake – “All the better to annoy you, m’dear”.
    Happy Knitting, Michelle in Wellington, NZ.


  2. Lovely leafy color!
    (One advantage of getting patterns as pdfs is that we can easily print out a new copy when our little paper shredders go into action! Hurray for modern times!)


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