Taste the rainbow

With all the sewing I’ve been doing lately, I’ve managed to complete quite a few Leader & Ender Rainbow nine patches already.


Aren’t they just the most charming little blocks. They will have a thin white sashing to tie them all together – but that’s a long way off. As I mentioned before – I’m going to need a lot of them to make a substantial size quilt.

Here’s where everything else is at:

  • Marseilles Stars: Stars are all pieced – I need to cut some plain white fabric and piece the  top together. Then hunt up a border
  • Cat Fancy: Big blocks done! This top shouldn’t be around too much longer
  • Mystic Maze: Still snowballing, still loving it!
  • Leader & Ender Rainbow Nine Patches: Going just swimmingly – but a long way from done!

Now… if you’re paying attention, you’ll notice that’s only four projects.. which means I have one box free. Stay tuned – Mom and I are going to have a little quilt-a-long!

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