Getting down to business

With the Sunday Swing socks off the needles, I needed to get another pair on. I don’t like to not have a pair of socks on the go, because (as many of you know), they are perfect for traveling.

Whenever we go out, I take my purse AND my knitting bag. I can’t count how many times I’ve been stuck somewhere (because of car trouble, someone running late, etc) away from home… and been saved by bringing along my knitting.

So I’ve started the Business Casual sock. I’ve actually knit them before, as part of a KAL. I made them for Dave, but I’ve always wanted a pair for myself.  Dave’s were knit in 2013… can you believe it’s taken me this long to start my pair?


The yarn I’m using is Malabrigo sock yarn. The colour is Alcaucil (which means Artichoke in Spanish – though I think in this case, it must be a rotten, moldy artichoke) and it’s a nice super dark olivey green. It’s been hanging in my stash since April 2011 when I bought it at the Frolic. It’s definitely time to use it.

Actually, you might be surprised, but I didn’t actually have much sock yarn to choose from.  The last few years I’ve been really good at using from my stash and not buying new. My sock supply is almost dwindled away.  I still have plenty for shawls and cardigans, so no fear of running out all together! And of course, there’s the leftover Wandering Cat stash which is still up at Mom’s… we really should divvy that up soon…

10 thoughts on “Getting down to business

  1. Shirley

    I really do like the color of the socks and the design just adds so much. The color on my monitor looks like it is a color that will go with anything.


  2. I think your artichoke is just well cooked! It’s the color of the stem after you cook it, not the vibrant green of the raw ones.

    I agree on taking your knitting bag everywhere. Our kitty Yadi was admitted to the emergency vet hospital with kidney issues. I had my knitting with me, thank goodness. I’m working on a planned pooling cowl, and you can tell where I tightened up my gauge…a lot! Big color shift to the left. But it’s interesting.

    Yadi is still in hospital; hoping for better news soon.


  3. oh, I see avocado–I have some in the fridge that are that exact color!
    I love the pattern! (I, too, am scraping the bottom of the barrel of sock yarn and it is a frightening state! I need to dye the bare yarn I have left!)


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