Time to sew along

I mentioned the other day that I had another project planned for the last project box…

A while back Mom and I saw the Time to Sew tutorial, and agreed it was a quilt we’d both like to make. Mom suggested we do a sew-a-long. It took us a bit to be able to sync up our schedule, but finally this weekend we were able to get together and get started.

We both picked out layer cakes we liked and got to work. As you know, Mom has several machines, so it’s easy for us to work at the same time.


And of course, we had a fabulous, floofalicious snooperviser.


After a few hours sewing, we each had completed two blocks.


My block is on the left, Mom’s is on the right. From here on out, we’re going to finish the rest of the blocks (14 more each) in our own homes, but at the end we’ll have matching quilts!

9 thoughts on “Time to sew along

  1. Shirley

    That tabby cat is just adorable!!! Also, the quilt blocks are beautiful and your fabrics are so pretty (both your and your Mom’s). They are going to be beautiful quilts. So neat that you guys are doing a quilt along.


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