So remember a few days ago when I said I was almost out of sock yarn…?

Well last Saturday, when I went up to Mom’s for our sew along, I suggested we divvy up the remaining Wandering Cat yarn and she could have the space for more quilting stuff. So she started pulling it all out of the closet where she stored it for the 10 years we sold yarn… and it suddenly became a mini archeological dig…

I figured we had about  15-30 skeins left… boy was I wrong!


Yes – that’s exactly what it looks like – an extra-large garbage bag jammed packed with yarn. And that’s just the yarn I brought home – Mom kept some too (about half as much as what’s in my bag).

It’s mostly Alley Cat and Barn Cat, but there was a fair bit of Fat Cat (DK) which will be good for hats and mitts, and a few fancier ones like Twisted Slinky, Top Cat, and Twinkle Cat. There was also a whole bag of Twinkle Cat Bronze – a yarn we bought to try out, but never made it to market.

Needless to say – I won’t be buying yarn for a long time.

Before I put it all away, I really needed to get the stash closet in order…


When I showed you my new quilting bins – I mentioned I had some more organizing to do and this was part of it. So everything got pulled off the shelves and bagged (thank you ziploc!)


Then I set to work sorting and bagging all the new yarn. Of course, I had plenty of help for this process.

It took an hour or two, but my yarn closet is once again looking ship shape.


Top left: Miscellaneous yarns – lace, angora, hand dyed cotton, etc. Top right: Handspun and heavy sock yarn for Dad socks.

Next row: BOTH sides – sock yarn! (Everyone is getting socks for Christmas this year!)

Next row: Left side: DK and Worsted for hats and mitts and small projects. Right side: Shawl yarn

Bottom row, both sides:  Sweater/Cardigan yarn.

Looks like I better keep those needles clicking!

7 thoughts on “Stashed

  1. Shirley

    Oh, my gosh! The colors of the yarn (even in the bag) are just beautiful! What a wonderful surprise to discover that there was more yarn than expected. I like those kinds of surprises. I foresee some more beautiful projects.


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