Snakes without ladders

Do you like snakes?


If not, you might want to skip this post… there’s a snake in that bag and I’m about to show him to you…


Sadly, he’s not mine… he’s neighbour Krista’s newest addition.


He’s a Banana Pewter Ball Python, and I think he’s just the most beautiful thing. She got him at a reptile expo last weekend and immediately brought him over to show me.


He’s a little more than a year old, and when he’s all stretched out, he’s only about 2 feet long. She said he’ll probably only get to 3 feet long when he’s full grown. Even still, he’s got some fabulous muscles and it’s amazing to feel them constrict and relax as he coils himself around your arm.


He was a little on the cold side, so he was trying to seek out body heat – down Krista’s top was his favourite place to hang out, though you can see him heading for my hip in the above picture.


If you’ve never held a snake, they are not at all slimy. They are actually quite soft. And their markings are hypnotizing. It’s fascinating to watch them move.  And they can move surprisingly fast when they want to.

Unlike in the movies, they don’t make slithering sounds when they move. He is absolutely silent! We had set him between on on the couch and got chatting, and when I looked down a few minutes later, I jumped because he was right against my leg and heading for the inside of my couch! I wasn’t scared, I just wasn’t expecting him to be there. He didn’t make a peep!

I know some people will disagree, but I think they are absolutely beautiful, amazing creatures!


9 thoughts on “Snakes without ladders

  1. Melissa aka Witchknit

    Like you, I love snakes. They are fascinating, beautiful creatures. To be truthful though there isn’t an animal, bird, or reptile on the planet that I don’t like (well maybe except for naked mole rats). LOL


  2. Agreed-they are beautiful but I hate to see these guys as pets because here in FL, when people are done with them they let them go. They live just fine here but are NOT INDIGENOUS to our country. OR our continent, for that matter.
    What did the cats think of him?!


  3. What a lovely post. Val, I think he’s beautiful. I don’t mind snakes. They are such interesting creatures. I don’t want one, but I still like them. They get a bad rap. Worse than a black cat bad rap


  4. Not a snake fan, not a reptile fan come to think of it. But can appreciate his beauty. Love the yarn closet!!! I wish mine was out to see, but it’s stuffed in cedar chest, army chest, and baskets. Rhat Burton, still adorable!


  5. I love snakes (they eat the things I DON’T like), but am perfectly happy just to watch wild ones *outdoors* thankyouverymuch.
    That python is gorgeous!


  6. Araignee

    That is a beautiful snake! The closest I’ve come to reptile love was the two iguanas we had when the kids were young. They were 5 feet long at the end of their days and a real nightmare to care for. I did love to see the expressions on people’s faces when they come over and find two giant iguanas and a parrot roaming the house.


  7. A friend used to have snakes, and we got quite used to handling them…and, trying to pull them out of the couch after they’ve grabbed onto the springs inside! I never got used to the ‘pinkies’ though.


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