More spring knitting

Though March has begun, snow  and cold still holds sway here. The weather man says we won’t see any real spring until the end of the month – but then it should stay (unlike last year when we got a snow/ice storm in mid-April). So, I’m continuing my practice of conjuring spring with my knitting. With Calendula off the needles, I’ve started on a birthday present for our little spring bird – Miss Wren. She turns two in late April.

I want to make her another dress like the one I made her for Christmas. I have some peach seersucker fabric in my stash that would be just perfect. But like her Christmas dress, it needs a cardigan. So I give you the start of Lynnrina..


The great yarn bag yielded up some Twinkle Cat (colourway is Solar Flare) that should ocmpliment the peach quite nicely. I’m making the largest size, which is marked 3T-5T… but  to be honest, I think it’s working up a little small. I’m going to finish it, block it, and then decide. If it’s too small, there will still be time to figure out something else – and this one can go in the gift basket for someone else.

8 thoughts on “More spring knitting

  1. Shirley

    What a wonderful tradition you have started with the cardigan and dress as gifts. I hope the sweater will not be too small. It is just beautiful!


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