FO: Kitty in the Sky with Diamonds

The pink thread to finish Sam’s camp quilt finally came in so on Saturday I finished up the quilting, then spent Sunday under the watchful eye of my snoopervisor…


I finished sewing the binding. And with that I give you the completed Kitty in the Sky with Diamonds.


It’s a pretty little lap-size quilt made from a fat quater pack (14 FQs) and some black yardarge. It got the pattern here (Gimme Diamonds). I’m not overly experienced with quilting pattern, but I think this one could have been written a little more clearly. But I muddled through and I’m happy with the end result.


It’s a good pattern for showing off those fabrics you really love and don’t want to cut up too much. I especially love using black for the sashing because it makes it look like stained glass. Though in truth the black was chosen because Sam plans to take this camping and we wanted something that wouldn’t show too much dirt.


Once again, I got insanely lucky and found the perfect purple fabric on clearance for the back. Plain black was really the only option for binding, in my view. It really just ties it all together!


10 thoughts on “FO: Kitty in the Sky with Diamonds

  1. Hurray for another beautiful finish! (Way too pretty to take camping, imho)
    You really do have the best luck for finding the perfect backings – and on clearance, too? If only I could take you shopping with me…


  2. Shirley

    The quilt is just fabulous! Love the black sashing and binding and the look of stained glass which shows off the fabrics so perfectly. The backing is just wonderful. You obviously have a knack for finding the perfect backing and on sale too.


  3. Michelle Cooper

    This quilt is gorgeous!. I’ve done a little bit of stained glass quilting using black bias binding however I think your black sashing looks even better.
    Michelle in Wellington, NZ.


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