Sew snug

I’ve mentioned before that my studio is quite small  – I’ve never actually measured it, but it’s the tiniest of our three bedrooms – probably about 10′ x 7′ at most. And the word “studio” encompasses a lot of things: It’s my home office, personal library, sewing room, knitting stash, and crafting cupboard. I’ve shown a few little glimpses of it here and there, but I thought you’d like to see a better view of my sewing arrangement.


(please ignore the messy shelves in the background. The sewing and yarn areas are nice and tidy, but I really need to go all Marie Kondo on the rest of the room!)

Because the room is so small, I have to make the most of every inch. I’ve mentioned before that there’s not enough room to have my full-sized ironing board up in there. Instead, I have a homemade portable board that fits nicely the end of my sewing desk. it’s just a piece of 1/4 inch plywood, covered in batting, and encased in a cotton case (much like and envelope style pillow case). When I’m piecing blocks, I just have to turn on my stool slightly, and I can iron and go right back to piecing. It’s also an ideal spot to layout more complex blocks (or have Leader and Ender blocks ready), so I make sure I piece things in the right order.


And it’s small and light, so when I don’t need it (when I’m sewing blocks into a full top, sewing on binding, etc), I can tuck it down behind the machine where it won’t get in the way.

And  you may be wondering where I put Burton when I’m sewing. Well, nine times out of 10, if I’m sewing, he’s laying under that stool. I’ve gotten into the habit of feeling for him with the back of my foot before I stand up and push the stool back… he’s lost a few floofs off his tail when I didn’t realize he was there and caught him under a stool leg. You’d think he’d learn not to lay there, but…

9 thoughts on “Sew snug

  1. Araignee

    The only down side of sewing is that it takes up so much space. Your little set up is nice. I wish I had one more room so I didn’t have to have my stuff out in the living area. Oh, well. If visitors don’t want to see my latest sewing project-too darn bad.


  2. Love your sewing cabinet and machine!
    And don’t those floofy little helpers like to stick close? At least he’s happy to sit under the stool and not insist on being in your lap.


  3. I wish my ironing surface was at hand, but I just have to turn around to use it. And now that I have a swivel chair it’s so much easier, although a very tight fit since the chair is huge! Hubster is getting a board so I can cover it and finish off my new ironing station. I”ll try to post a photo this week.


  4. Burton looks right at home with the black Singer machine! Yours looks maybe a little older than mine? Mine dates to 1950s, and is much boxier looking than yours.

    Biscuit likes to sleep on the futon bed in my studio when I’m working at the desk. I keep thinking I should make it back into a sofa, but I keep putting things on top of it! I have to empty my closet soon for a ceiling repair in there, so the full size bed for stacking is probably best.


  5. Shirley

    You certainly have your sewing space organized for efficiency. It is so neat that Burton keeps you company and you do a cat check before moving your stool. Some pretty fabrics on your ironing surface.


  6. jatshaw

    Lucky you! My cutting table is in one bedroom and my machine is in the room with DH’s computer stuff and a bed. The ironing board is downstairs and has to be put up in the kitchen and taken down when I’m done. (I count the steps up and down as exercise! LOL)


  7. Cynthia

    I have a fancy ironing board but I rarely use it; I like my homemade one just like yours for the same reasons! I like your stitching setup!


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