Just squirrelly

I know it’s not Feline Friday, but I just had to share…

One of the things I love about working from home is being able to watch the wildlife. Mostly, I work in my office upstairs, but every so often (especially on bright, sunny days), I work from the couch which is right beside the large sliding glass door. The bird feeder is only a few feet from the door (as you’ve seen in previous posts), so it provides endless entertainment for me and the cats.

And I’m never one to deter the squirrels from feeding either. But the other day, I’d had run out of seed and hadn’t had a chance to get more. Most of what they’d knocked on the ground was frozen solid,  so one squirrel got a little desperate..


“Excuse me sir… do you have any more seed?”

In case you didn’t know… squirrels can scale brick walls (every once in a while one pops up at my office window on the second floor) and it’s kinda crazy. I’m not quite sure what Rupert though of the whole thing. Burton was across the room, but it didn’t take him long to notice the visitor


But Mr. Squirrel was not at all perturbed by the possibly vicious killers only separated by half an inch of glass.

He hung around for several minutes before determining no one was going to open the door and feed him.

I guess I’m going to have to pick up a bag of peanuts.

10 thoughts on “Just squirrelly

  1. Shirley

    Such cute photos! Rupert looks so small next to Burton. I’m sure part of that is Burton’s fluffy fur and the angle of the photo. They are adorable.


  2. jatshaw

    We call that “through the glass” entertainment kitty TV. We have squirrels here, too, one gutsy one like yours and another shy one. Our cat enjoys their antics. She’s been an side cat since we got her.


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