Petal top

I mentioned a while ago that work has kept me hopping during the week so there hasn’t been a tonne of time for sewing. So on the weekend, I was determined to accomplish something with fabric and thread.

The fabric to finish the Purrfect Petals top came in with the thread for Sam’s quilt, so it took no time to add the final border

IMG_0060Now it looks complete!


It’s just a simple pawprint from the same line at the petals. I’ve got a couple options in the stash for backing. One is a flannel, which I’d love to use, but I’m not sure it’s going to be enough. If not, I’ve got a chunk of bright pink and coral that should do. I do have to find something for the binding though… I’ve love something in a matching lime green.

10 thoughts on “Petal top

  1. Shirley

    Purrfect Petals is just beautiful!!! Love the fabrics – particularly the cat faces and that border fabric. I hope you have generous scraps left to play with in other projects.


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