FO: Bold Brassica Bag

I know most of you knitters will have heard of Kaffe Fassett, but did you know he also has a quilting line?

Much like his knitting designs, his fabrics are full of wild, bold colours and crazy patterns. To be honest, most of it is a bit much for me. But a few months back, I came across his Brassica print.


And I absolutely fell in love. I adore Ornamental Cabbages. Unfortunately, they are annuals here, and quite expensive, so I stopped trying to grow them in the gardens. (Though maybe I should try some from seed….) But I had to have some of that fabric.

I decided it would be great for a project bag, so I found another Kaffe print that matched, but wasn’t too crazy.


It’s called Roman Glass.

With my fabrics in hand, it was time to get to work.  The bag I wanted to make was based on this pattern. You’ve seen me make a few before. But I couldn’t seem to find my pattern template. It wouldn’t have been a big deal to print out another one, except the printer is out of ink (and no one told me… thanks Dave…). So I decided to just wing it and sketched up a new template….


I’ve made enough of them that I don’t need the directions anymore, so as long as I had the basic size and shape right, I was confident it would all work out. And my confidence was well rewarded.


After an hour or so of sewing, it was complete! Just look at those bold, beautiful brassicas!


I put pockets on both sides to hold little odds and ends.


My favourite thing about this bag is the way it closes… just loop the short handle over the long one and away you go… no zippers, ties or clasps needed!

It’s now been put into immediate use holding the second Business sock.  And best of all – I still have a half yard of the Brassica fabric left!

12 thoughts on “FO: Bold Brassica Bag

  1. Araignee

    Kaffe Fassett was my first ever knit designer crush. I bought his wildly expensive book back in the day when I couldn’t afford it. I love that bag. It’s my fave for walk knitting!


  2. Beautiful! I love Kaffe Fassett’s patterns, designs and fabrics – always have. I’ve also thought of making one of those bags – such a clever design. Well done!


  3. Shirley

    Your bag is just beautiful!!! I love the fabrics and actually have the Kaffe fabric you used for lining in several colors. His fabrics always add a special touch to any project.


  4. Fantastic job!!!! I love this style of bag and your fabric choice is spot on!
    (p.s.–can you add Google as one of your accepted posting icons so I don’t have to sign in everything everytime, pls?!)


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