FO: Lynnrina


IMG_0068Lynnrina is complete! And as cute as can be.

Sadly, as I expected, it’s much too small for our little Spring bird. It was supposed to be the 3T size and come out to a chest measurement of 23″. Instead, I got an 18″ inch chest, which is the 3 month size.  Afterwards, I went back and checked my gauge (because what’s the fun of doing it before???). The pattern calls for 22 stitches over 4″. I was getting 28 stitches… so that explains it. How the designer got 22 stitches, I’m not sure. I’d have to go up to a 4.5mm need for that… and fingering weight on a 4.5mm needle…. I don’t think I’d like that fabric much.

But no biggie… there’s always a baby around somewhere and I’m sure this one will find a home soon enough.

IMG_0071Some simple square yellow buttons from the stash finished things off nicely.  I wish you could see the cardi  in person though… the yarn is Twinkle Cat and it sparkles like crazy – especially in the sun. But the camera is just not picking it up.

And while I’m happy it’s done – I still have to come up with something for Miss Wren’s birthday. Never fear… I’ve started Wee Liesl in the same yarn (there’s lots left), and hope to have pics to show you soon!

10 thoughts on “FO: Lynnrina

  1. Shirley

    The sweater is just beautiful! What a disappointment that it will not fit the intended recipient. It will certainly make a wonderful gift for a baby girl though. The yarn looks so soft and I love the variegated colors.


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