Four by four

I found some time to make two more blocks for the Time to Sew quilt.


This isn’t quite how they will be laid out – there will be sashing, and more colour variation… but darn these look good like this. That’s the thing with quilting… once you start putting blocks together, you start seeing all these alternate patterns. I love that star in the middle with the clipped corners… and the arrows pointing towards the centre… so many ideas!

But I have to stay focused! So instead of going off on a tangent, I prepped the pieces for the next four blocks.  Because of the way you make the HSTs, and the number of prints in my layer cake, I’m able to essentially make four blocks at a time (two matching pairs like you see above).


They still all need to be trimmed to 4.5 inches, but once that’s done, they next four blocks will go together easy peasy. Hopefully I can find some time to do that this week!

7 thoughts on “Four by four

  1. Shirley

    Those four blocks are beautiful and look really great as one large block. Actually, at first glance, that is what it thought it was. Your piecing must be very precise because your points are all perfect. It is going to be such a pretty quilt.


  2. That is SO true!!!! I guess that is why the traditional blocks have always generated so much interest–they work over and over and give so many variations! I hope you find some more quilting time!


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