Grow, grow, grow, and a little FO

One of the unexpected benefits of working from home is more time to cook. While I’ve never been a bad cook, I never put too much effort into it. When you’ve got an hour to hour and a half commute home every day, getting fancy with dinner is usually the last thing on your mind.

But now that I’ve got that commuting time back, I’m much more willing to search out a new recipe and try something fresh. One thing I want to try is cooking with fresh herbs. So there’s no time like the present to start growing them!


I found these little kits at the dollar store. (Strawberries and tomatoes aren’t herb, I know… but I love growing them). If these work out, I might invest in a little growing lamp so I can have fresh herbs, year round!

And until things start sprouting, I’ve had to resort to other measures to get a little more green in my life…


I have a bad habit of sticking pins and needles in the couch arm when I’m working on quilt binding. It was definitely time for a better solution. I had some teeny terra cotta pots in the basement, so nothing better than a sweet little cactus. (The pattern is free). I used leftover top cat from my Calendula shawl and within an evening it was finished!

What’s green and growing in your world?

5 thoughts on “Grow, grow, grow, and a little FO

  1. Araignee

    I love those little kits. I am always tempted to buy one and then I remember that my cats will eat them.
    I love that pin cushion. How adorable is that?


  2. Shirley

    I love your pincushion! So cute. It is full spring in my area. Daffodils have bloomed and tulips are now blooming. Trees in bloom and lots of pollen. Never though to look for those grow kits at the dollar store. Will have to check them out. Sure you will have good luck given your track record with your gardens.


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