Hack and slash

My week of vacation was almost completely washed out, but I did manage to get a dry day or two to get out and tidy things up.

First on the agenda was the raspberries.


If I don’t prune them every year, they’d take over the whole yard. All those canes above are from just two plants which were bought four or so years ago. I pull tonnes of new sprouts from the lawn. On the other side of the fence, my neighbour has nothing but lawn (no gardens). If lawn maintenance didn’t mow every week, the raspberries would take over their yard too. (And if we didn’t have lawn maintenance, I’d go over and clean it up for them… I had no idea they’d spread so much when I planted them).


The first year, I didn’t do much pruning. Now, in addition to cutting back the dead canes,  I chop the living canes right down. I don’t think I could kill these things if I tried. I do the same for the blackberry beside them, though he’s nice and thornless, so it’s not as tough a job.

The roses got cut too, but their before and afters aren’t as dramatic. Elsewhere….

Happy daffies!!! Daffodils are my absolute favourite. In a few years, my bulbs should be really established and I should have quite the show. I’ve got a good mix of colours and sizes now.

Speaking of established, I’ve been collecting Bearded Irises for a couple years now (I have four colours). And each one is really spreading.


I think it’s so neat how they spread out in a ring. I’m pretty sure these are my dark red ones. I’ll probably break them up come fall, and give half to neighbour Krista.

Speaking of Krista, last year she gave me a pot of purple hyacinths for watching Wren for her.


I planted them last fall and now I can reap the reward year after year!

And, rewarding my patience….


Four of six winter sow jugs are sprouting! The first was one of the mystery jugs. It’s a mystery no more… those little five-point sprouts are definitely the yellow Lupins. I’m thrilled about that, because I adore my purple ones. Middle top is the Iceland Poppies. I’m especially pleased because it seems the ones I had in the garden haven’t come back. These will make a nice replacement. Below it, that teeny tiny sprout is a Canterbury Bell…. a fave my grandma had in her garden. The last, I’m 99% sure is the Silver Dollar… another fave from childhood. The only ones left to sprout are the Chinese Lanterns and Black-Eyed Susans. Both are more fall flowers, so they may take a little longer to get started.

6 thoughts on “Hack and slash

  1. Shirley

    There is so much coming up in your gardens. It should be a spectacular showing this year. I think what you call Silver Dollar is a plant we call money plant. If so, when the blooms dry, they are beautiful. You just have to rub your fingers across the outer edges to remove them and the seeds. What is left is a pearly looking disc. I have had a crock that is filled with them for years (out of the cats’ reach). Happy Easter!


  2. jatshaw

    Lucky you doing all that garden work. It’s interesting that your poppies didn’t come back as ours would take over the yard along with the blackberries if we let them. Have a nice Easter!


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