Easter dresses

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter weekend so far.  It’s a quiet one for us. I scored a great deal on a prime rib roast, so I’m treating Dave and I, but that’s about all the excitement for us this weekend.

I’ve mentioned before, that as a child, Easter of course meant  chocolate, but it also meant a new outfit from the Easter Bunny as well. By far, my favourite was a twirly new dress.

I have to buy my own Easter dresses now…

And this year I treated myself to two! Of course, they are my favourite style from Old Navy. I don’t really need new dresses, but hey… I’m not about to pass up a classic white polkado on black. And that other… will if you look closely, you’ll see it’s covered in lilies – one of my favourite flowers!

Several weeks ago, I liberated some Wollmeise DK from Mom’s stash…


It’s a colour I think will go great with both dresses, but I’m having trouble deciding what to knit.

I’m leaning towards Cascadas at the moment…


But it will take some modifying, because it’s a pullover…. not  a cardigan….

Decisions, decisions….

8 thoughts on “Easter dresses

  1. Araignee

    Sweet dresses!!! I really, really need a little cardi too. I discovered that yesterday when I was freezing in the restaurant we went to for lunch. I need to go pattern shopping for something light and simple to put over all my silky tops.


  2. Shirley

    I love your new dresses and can’t pick a favorite. Easter always meant a new dress to wear to church on Easter Sunday – along with hat, gloves and heels as a teenager. Cascadas would look wonderful as a cardi and perfect for either of your new dresses.


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