Sew timely

Half the blocks are complete for Time to Sew!


This is going to be a BIG quilt! There’s also going to be some sashing in there, and already it’s taking up more than half of my Queen-size bed.  And with Burton butt for scale, you can see they are quite big blocks!

After completing the the most recent two blocks, I went ahead and prepped the remaining eight.


They just need to be trimmed and ironed, but each block now as all it’s pieces piled together, almost ready to go. Sadly, I have to set this one aside for a bit. I’ve got two quilts that have pressing deadlines (more below), and I need to get moving on them.

HEre’s where all my QotG’s are at:

  • Mystic Maze: This is one of the deadline quilts – it needs to be complete by the beginning of August, and I’ve still got lots of squares to snowball!
  • Dave’s birthday quilt: The second deadline quilt. His birthday is July 20th. I’ve got some time, but I really should get started. I haven’t landed on a pattern yet though.
  • Paisley’s Christmas quilt: I’ve decided I’m going to use the Flower Girl pattern again – just like her sister’s. But I’m going to use much more sophisticated fabrics, and make it a touch bigger. Blocks are cut, so I can start this one any time.
  • Time to sew: Almost half done the blocks.
  • Leader & Ender Rainbow Nine Patches: Going just swimmingly – but a long way from done!

8 thoughts on “Sew timely

    1. Preparing and cutting can delay a project, at least for me. I dread all the cutting, but once it’s done the project comes together quickly. Hope things fall into place for you soon, so you can finish he quilts before your deadlines.


  1. Sometimes a deadline for a quilt gives us a great push to move forward just fine and then other times-complete brain freeze! I hope you can find some blocks and fabric that will fit the bill soon! This spool quilt is very pretty!


  2. Love how you’ve put them together. I’d say you are right on target for gift goals. Im impressed. Im hoping our stupid snowfall today will
    #1 not hurt the seedlings that are coming up that you sent
    #2 not be evident by tomorrow or Monday
    #3 not make me sad!


  3. Love the cat top, love the hitchhiker, oooooh those fabrics for Dave’s quilt!!! The yarn does look a little dull, have you looked at other projects on Rav? And Burton!!! So cute, hope it wasn’t a smell that lingered on him.


  4. Shirley

    That is going to be another beautiful quilt! What a wonderful quilt queue you have. Such wonderful gifts in store for family and friends.


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