April showers….

It feels like it’s been an exceptionally rainy April, though it’s probably pretty average. It’s just me being impatient… because while the rain does help the plants grow… we don’t get blooms without sun…

Despite the grey days, there have been some sunny moments… and look…


First up; the Red Dwarf Columbine. It’s not quite in bloom yet, but close. Another week or so and it’s going to be a mass of little red flowers. Next; tulips!!! These make me so happy. Since we moved here six years ago, I’ve been trying for tulips, but they never seem to thrive. These ones are out back with lots of sun! And there’s lots more coming! Next; Hyacinths! Okay… the white one is a bit of a cheat… I bought it last grocery day and stuck it in the garden… but the purple one is from a pot Krista gave me last year. Next; Daffodils! As you know, I’m just daffy for daffies. I planted a bag of mixed bulbs, but so far, only these white ones with fluffy yellow centres have bloomed. That’s okay though. I’ll take what I can get. And lastly; Dandelions. Yes, I know many people don’t like them, but they are one of the few things bees have around at this time of year. I pull them from the garden, but leave them everywhere else. This one is happily thriving in the cracks of the patio stones, and hopefully providing a little bee feast.

And as beautiful as those blooms are, there’s a couple other things getting me excited in the garden…


While I’ve got a big, beautiful Bleeding Heart in the backyard, I’ve been trying for four years to get one to take in the front yard. They are supposed to do well in the shade, but they never seem to thrive and they never come back. Last year was a last-ditch effort. I bought a slightly more robust plant. It did okay at first,  but by mid-summer it was turning yellow and died off. I did not expect to see anything happy this spring… but that pic above… that’s it’s beautiful little green sprouts! I couldn’t be happier – it’s going to look fabulous!


And while the Lilac bush is still working on putting up leaves… check out those little nubbly buds on the side… those are the blooms! I’ve never noticed her putting up flower buds like this… maybe I just haven’t been paying attention. Either way…. it’s going to be absolutely covered in flowers… I tried counting all the little flower clusters, but I lost count at 27. She’s only 5 years old, so she’s not a very big bush yet… it’s going to be amazing!

And I should give you an update on  my potted seeds. All are sprouting, but after a couple of weeks….


They just don’t seem to be growing much. The Parsley is probably the best of the bunch, but those stems are really fragile and spindly. I had them up in my studio where they get lots of light… but…

Bu contrast, my Winter Sow sprouts are doing so much better. So I’m doing something drastic. It’s still early to put them outside, but I’m chancing it…


I covered them with plastic wrap to help create a bit of a greenhouse effect. Hopefully they improve.

Are you having any success with seeds this season?

6 thoughts on “April showers….

  1. We didn’t do seeds this year. Since it is our first garden every, we decided to buy started plants (which we will do this week or next).

    My lilac that I thought was dead is slowly coming back. I’ve trimmed it back drastically and that seemed to help. I know it won’t bloom for several years. I’m just hoping to keep it healthy.

    The front garden is doing VERY well. Lily of the Valley are up and starting to bloom as the daffs slowly fade away.


  2. Shirley

    You are going to have the most beautiful flowers/garden/yard! So much variety and so much color. It is so much fun to watch everything emerge in the spring and see what surprises you will have.


  3. jatshaw

    We had to try several times to get a bleeding heart to grow for more than one season, too. Can you believe that parts of the Midwest had 5-7 inches of snow yesterday? That makes our rainy days tolerable for sure!


  4. Am pretty sure I pulled my bleeding heart out by its roots in the fall, by accident. I don’t see any sign of it so far…darn it! My wild ginger plants are coming up in spades, and I’m quite happy about that! And at least one of my sunflowers are coming back; little shoots, but I’ll take it!


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