Getting mystic

I have decided that Dave’s birthday quilt is probably going to be a Christmas quilt now. I need some other fabric for it, but I’m trying to focus on staying on budget right now, so buying fabric will have to wait.

So now I can focus my attention on my other deadline project… Mystic Maze. I’ve been snowballing squares here and there and had quite a stack. It was time to lay them all out and see exactly how much I had.


Sam requested that this one be around the size of her Superstar quilt, which is about 70″ square.  This one will have a border on it, but as you can see, I still needed some more blocks to make it big enough. After taking this picture, I did some math, figured out exaclty how many I needed and finished them off.

The final layout will be completely random, so the next step is matching up squares and sewing them together. Once that’s done, I’ll make four patches from the pairs… and so on. It will be a completed top in no time!

6 thoughts on “Getting mystic

  1. Shirley

    Mystic Maze is going to be a beautiful quilt. I love those blocks and the design they make. You are certainly zooming thru construction of this quilt.


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