Friday Felines

Our perfect little Princess is 15 years old now…


But she’s still happy to see Spring come. Unlike the boys, she’s much more patient. She’s content to wait until the lawn has had the chance to grow to an acceptable level of lushness, perfect for munching.

Now that is has, she’s usually right at the door with the rest of them, when it’s time to go out. The difference is, she’s all business. She heads right for the grass, eats her fill and heads back inside to finish her nap. When we first moved here six years ago, she’d chase bugs, and even bunbun if he dared to come around. But those old legs are getting stiff, and crouching/butt wiggle pose just isn’t as doable any more.

She doesn’t mind as long as she gets some grass, and some pets from Dave. And for us, every day she’s still with us is a gift.

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