Bold as brass

I know I just  said I need to focus on staying on budget… and I will. I just need to unsubscribe from all the mailing lists of my  favourite shops….

Case in point:

Remember Ursa?


I said I wasn’t going to start it until fall because it’s definitely more of a cool-weather knit. Which meant I wasn’t going to buy the yarn either… though I had it all picked out.

But then I get a Knitpicks email the other day telling me about the wonderful clearance yarn that won’t be around much longer… I figured it didn’t hurt to look. And I’m so glad I did. The yarn I wanted, in the colour I wanted was going to be gone forever soon!!!! I had no choice…


It’s Biggo in Brass Heather. It’s a Superwash Merino/Nylon blend and OMG it is soooooo soft. It’s even nicer than the Chroma twist!

I chose this colour because of my dresses. In addition to my many, many Fit and Flare dresses… I also have several simple A-line maxi dresses from Old Navy. I usually buy a couple each year because they are super comfy for the days I don’t want to get dresses up. I call them my house dresses, and they get worn a lot in winter.


This is just two of them…. I’ve got also got a navy blue and a gold one, and this yarn will be perfect with all of them!

Now excuse me while I go unsubscribe before my bank account goes into the red….

6 thoughts on “Bold as brass

  1. Shirley

    The color of that yarn is so perfect that you could not miss the opportunity to use it for the Ursa sweater. It will be beautiful!


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