Knitting en plein air

Though the month has still been mostly rainy, whenever the sun shines, I’ve been taking the opportunity to get out and soak it up with the boys. I usually take my current sock project out with me, but to be honest, I don’t get a tonne of knitting done. I spend most of my time untangling Burton’s lead from chairs, the bbq, garden plants… whatever he can find to tangle himself up in.


Still… the sock is progressing.  I’m actually futher than the picture shows. I’ve finished the heel and I’m now working my way down the gusset. I’m going to try to finish the first sock by the end of the weekend.

But of course, that depends on how tangled Burton gets…


7 thoughts on “Knitting en plein air

  1. Still too chilly to sit outside and knit – it’s snowing again this morning, but thankfully, the ground is warm and it’s melting as soon as it lands. I’ve been enjoying sipping root beer lately, too.


  2. Shirley

    Love how the sock is knitting up. What a treat to be able to sit outside with the cats – even if much time is spent getting one of them untangled. It will soon be too hot and humid to enjoy being outside here so I am trying to make the most of each day.


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