Saturday garden tour

Finally, it feels like Spring has officially sprung. We’ve had a few dips in temps, and more rain, but still… winter is finally behind us!

The daffodils are blooming like mad


These are all small daffies, but they are pretty and plentiful – I just love them.

The tulips are giving them a run for their money


All but the light pink one are Parrot Tulips. They are a frilly fancy tulip that come in an amazing array of colours. My bulbs were mixed, so it’s been fun watching them develop.

Both my purple and red Pasque flowers are starting to bloom. Despite their name, they always bloom well past Easter here. No complaints though. They bloom like crazy until about the end of May.


As promised, the Red Dwarf Columbine is covered in blooms. It seems a little smaller this year, but I’ve had the plant for a few year now, so it may be on it’s way out. I noticed it’s reseeded a bit, so I expect we’ll have a few fresher plants when it fills in.


And though it’s leaves are still unfurling, the pink Bleeding Heart is starting to bloom too. In a week or so this one will be covered in flowers and bumblebees! I promise!


3 thoughts on “Saturday garden tour

  1. Araignee

    When we were in Detroit The Mister couldn’t believe how far behind they were in the seasons. All the bulb blooms have been long gone here but were just starting there. It’s crazy how a 8 hour drive makes that big a difference.


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