First – Happy Mama’s Day to all the Mama’s out there – no matter the kind of Mama you are! I spent yesterday with my Mama, and I’ll share our fun in another post.

But for now we’re back in the garden

You may recall, that two years ago, I scoured every Dollarama with in a 20 km radius to get enough stone tiles to edge the Little Bee garden and Butterfly Gardens.


And at first, it looked wonderful. But those stones were just glued onto a thin fabric mesh so after two Winters and some wet Springs…

IMG_0168…things were not looking nearly as spectacular. Not only were they sunk – the weeds and lawn were starting to reclaim them. Throughout the growing season, I tried to keep the weeds down, but it was a losing game. Before I put them down, I really should have laid some sand, and then plastic beneath them. I tried to pull them up to do just that, but after two years, the mesh was falling apart and most of them ripped as I pulled them up. I needed a better solution.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been haunting websites and home improvement stores and weighing my options. In the end, I decided to keep it simple.


Just a simple on-soil black garden edging. I even had enough to edge the fruit garden, which never had an edging before. It’s not fancy, but it’s simple, tidy, and easy to maintain. I need to pick up some soil to back fill a bit.  I’m quite pleased with it and I’m going to pick up some more so I can do the rest of the gardens to match. And if you notice… it gives me about a foot more space all around the garden! Yay! More plants!

I do still have to pull up the stone pathway between the Butterfly and and Butterfly expansion gardens, but I need to get some stepping stones to put in its place…


And the path was occupied at the time anyway.

7 thoughts on “Edgy

  1. Shirley

    A real win with the problem solved and you created more growing space. Looks like a happy cat on the path. Probably soaking up the warmth from the stone.


  2. Araignee

    We have the same problem here with our edging rocks. The Mister has to pull them up and put mulch around them every year. We need to find a better solution too.


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