Late last week Mom messaged me…

She was looking at another vintage machine on an auction site. She wanted to bid on it, but a) she didn’t really need another machine, and b) it was in Whitby, about two hours drive away. The distance wasn’t a big issue, except for the fact that Dad was busy that day – Mom is not fond of driving on the big highways here. And the drive to Whitby is almost all big highway.

She sent me a link to the auction – the machine was a Singer “Rocketeer”. It’s one she’s wanted for a long time. We don’t see them around here very often, and they usually get snapped up quick!

I told her to bid on it. I wanted an excuse to take Dory on a longer drive and test out a few of her quirks. Pick up day was also the day before Mother’s Day, so we could get lunch and make a day of it.

Mom won the auction, and Saturday morning we hit the road. We had fabulous sunny skies and fairly light traffic. By 4 pm we were back home with a funky machine in a pretty little table!


Mom has named her Jane Jetson.

Now she just has to find some room for her…


14 thoughts on “Rocketeering

  1. Cheryl J

    I learned to sew on that model. My mom bought it new around when I was born. It was a great machine. Later days my dad even used it to do upholstery so it was a workhorse. Hers had an assortment of interchangeable discs to change to decorative stitching. If I remember it even did buttonholes.


    1. Yep. Most she bought working already – they just needed a little cleaning, but a few (like mine) she had to restore a bit. She can do quite a bit of repair on her own, but she’s also got a guy the next town over who can do the tough electrical stuff, if needed. They still make a lot of parts for them, and since they are mostly metal, they don’t have plastic bits that break off.



  2. Shirley

    What a wonderful collection your Mom has! Love the latest acquisition and the cabinet looks beautiful. My first two sewing machines were Singers. The second one was more advanced with plastic discs for different stitches. Both were workhorses and the two gals I passed them on to still use them. What a fun adventure for you and your Mom and a great Mother’s Day celebration.


  3. Araignee

    I have never seen that kind of machine before. I had no idea they made so many different kinds. Your mom’s collection is amazing.


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