I didn’t finish the first of Dave’s birthday socks by the weekend. In fact, I haven’t knit a stitch on them. Not long after blogging about them, I left them up at Mom’s by accident. I picked them up on Saturday, but it’s been cool and rainy, so I haven’t been taking the boys out much.

Instead, when I have been knitting, I’m focusing on Cascadas. May 25th is creeping up, and I’m really hoping to have it done by then. (Though I’m also hoping its warm enough to not need it!)


I’m getting close – I’m almost ready to start the bottom ribbing. But I have to admit, the past couple of chunky knits have spoiled me… by comparison, this one is moving at a snail’s pace! But I can do it!…. Just keep knitting… just keep knitting….!


8 thoughts on “Cardi-can!

  1. Shirley

    Cascadas is just beautiful!!! And you have ten days to get it completed, blocked and ready to wear. With your track record, that should be easily accomplished. Even if the weather is warmer, it could come in handy in air-conditioning. Good luck!


  2. Well you are certainly making more progress on yours than I am on my current project. It’s looking like it’s going to be gorgeous too! Love the color!!


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