Amidst the maze

After getting Paisley’s petals together, I still had some steam left, so I turned my attention to Mystic Maze.

With all the blocks done, I needed to start pairing them up. With 114 blocks and a wide variety of prints, I decided it would be best to just pair them at random.


The next step is to pair up each pair into a “donut”


A few days later, I had all the donuts together and it was time to sew them into a top. It went much easier and quicker than I expected, and soon enough, I had an almost completed top!


It just needs a border. But I need more fabric… so a-shopping I shall go!

8 thoughts on “Amidst the maze

  1. Shirley

    Wow! That is such a pretty quilt top – even without the border. The black fabric just takes it to another level and those rich colors of the batiks work so well with the black. Love, love, love the cat blocks. What a wonderful gift that quilt will be.


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