The most wonderful time of the year…

  • My feet are filthy, there’s dirt under my nails, I’m a little bit sunburnt, but I am absolutely in my element. Garden season is here and I’m lovin’ it.

I’m still in the midst of working in the gardens, but here’s what I’ve accomplished so far:

  • Back gardens edged and filled in.
  • Winter sow seedlings planted
  • Perennials split and moved/shared with friends
  • Herb seeds planted
  • Summer bulbs planted (Glads, Calas and Canas)
  • Hanging pots planted
  • Patio furniture rearranged

I also got my antique birdcage planted:


It’s a mix of Scotch moss, Creeping Thyme, Hens and Chicks, and another plant I can’t remember the name of. The Thyme will have tiny pink/purple flowers eventually.

I found these super cute stepping stones at Dollarama for just $3 each


I bought two of each: Turtle, bunny and frog. They were a third of the price of the ones I was looking at at Home Depot. And three-times as cute!

I also planted two new rose bushes down the side of the house

White Lightning was the very first rose I bought when I moved here. Sadly, she didn’t survive her first winter. But she smelled amazing and I’ve been looking for another ever since.. And Honey Perfume just had to come too – not only because of the colour, but because of that fabulous name! She must smell wonderful!

More pics of all the beautiful blooms will come soon!


8 thoughts on “The most wonderful time of the year…

  1. Araignee

    I have yet to plant a thing. Most of my clay pots disintegrated over the winter so I’ve no place to put anything. Things in the ground just don’t live around here. I lost my two rhododendrons and all the azaleas and it looks like one of the boxwoods is now dying as well. You can’t tell me something isn’t going on with the climate. Everything around us is dying. It’s getting scary.


  2. Shirley

    Your yard/gardens are going to be spectacular! The bird cage filled with plants is just beautiful. It will really be a special touch for your yard.


  3. You did a great job planting you bird cage. Ahhhhhhhhhh….roses!! We bought two. We have white (John F. Kennedy) and dark red (Mr. Lincoln).

    We had an arborist here last week. Sadly, the weeping cherry did not make it. We removed it and found out why. They planted it IN it’s transportation sack. The roots could never “root”. We think most of the plantings were put in the yard right prior to selling the house and they didn’t care if they lived as long as it looked good while on the market. :::sigh:::


  4. I am impressed and puzzled. I have never loved yard work. But I envy those of you who do. You end up with such beautiful yards. It’s been so rainy this spring, that it’s been almost impossible to get out without drowning in mud.


  5. Look at that birdcage! It is a fun fun time of year! I have not put any winter over plants outside to adjust yet. But I have many seedlings coming up from last fall’s planting. I also picked fresh dandelions for a friend who loves to eat them and make tea with them! I read how to freeze them so She can have them the next time we meet.


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