Weirdest winter ever

I don’t know how it’s been in your little corner of the world, but we are having one heck of a weird winter. Not only has the temperature been all over the place, we’ve barely had any snow.

It’s not unusual for us not to get much snow in November and December, but come January, we usually get a good dumping or two, and then the temps drop (hello polar vortex) and it sticks around until March.

But not this year. Oh we’ve had a couple decent storms, though they haven’t amounted to more than a five or so inches. And the snow rarely sticks around for longer than three or four days. And we’ve yet to see temps below minus 20 celcius, which is SUPER weird for this area. It’s not that I really want crazy cold days where you go outside and your nostrils stick together because it’s so cold… but it is what I’m used to at this time of year.

Most of our days have been just above or just below freezing. And what we have had a lot of is rain. I’m starting to feel like I’m living in Vancouver (without the cool Pacific views).  I’ve given up trying to keep the floors clean, because if Dave isn’t tracking in wet filth from the garage, Relic is tracking in mud from the backyard.

Anyway, the other day when I was taking picture of the Hamilton socks, I decided Burton could use a little fresh air. So I popped him in his harness and we joined Relic in the yard.

As you can imagine, he was thrilled to have his paws in the garden again. While he got a good sniff of everything, Relic and I checked on all of the flower beds.


Everything is looking pretty good – the roses and raspberries are nice and supple, and there’s a fair bit of green already showing around most of the other perennials (normal whenever we have a warm up – the next frost will kill it off, but it shows the roots are happy).


A few of the bulbs are starting to show signs of life, including this hyacinth, which looks like it’s multiplying nicely. I hope to have a good show of tulips and daffodils this year too, though I’m trying not to get too excited yet. The mild January probably just means we are going to have a rough February and March.

The winter has been so mild, that I had to move the bird feeder to the patio table. The hook it was hanging from just keeps leaning over because the ground is far too soft.


So of course, Mr Squirrel and friends have made a complete mess!!! They aren’t getting any more until they clean all of that up!

And one weird thing I discovered…. remember those cute little stepping stones I got at the dollar store…


I have no idea what they were made of (they felt like a cross between plaster and stone) but this is what they look like after a few months of winter…. WTF???? It’s going to be a fun clean up come spring. Note to self: Go to Home Depot for stepping stones come spring.

What’s winter been like where you are?


6 thoughts on “Weirdest winter ever

  1. Araignee

    Weird. Weird, Weird. This week it’s supposed to be in the 60’s maybe even 70 after they said we might get snow this weekend. I don’t think the weather people know what’s going on either. They are calling for rain today and I’m looking at bright sunshine and clear skies. Weird. I can’t even imagine how bad this summer is going to be. We broke all kinds of heat records last year.


  2. Normal wacky Indiana weather here. It’s always a crap shoot as to what the temps will be each day, but we have been consistently in the 30’s as is our norm with some highs of 60’s a few times. But most of all, rain and gloomy skies! I want the sun to come back!


  3. Pretty much the same as yours. We have had a few snow squalls that didn’t amount to much. I think our biggest snowfall was last November and that only amounted to an inch or so.

    Temperatures have been all OVER the place, but not horribly cold. Lots of wind this year and lots of rain so far.


  4. Shirley

    It has not been a typical winter here in North Carolina. While we have had a few very cold days and nights (down in the teens at night), we have had no snow and none in the forecast. We have had a lot of rain and 60 degree days. Last year, we had an unusual early snow (over a foot) in mid-December. Of course, February and March could be anything. We such a miserably hot summer and it took forever for us to have any fall weather. Burton is just adorable!!! Relic looks pretty cute also.


  5. delightedhands

    Yes, it sounds like you are describing my parents’ winter from across the Lake!
    Nice pics of Burton exploring with Relic!
    Foolish waste, you squirrels!!!!
    What has been unusual for our winter, it the gloominess! We have had so many days with out sunshine–very unlike us!


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