Relic’s garden tour

It’s another fine Saturday, and while I’m busy sewing, Relic would like to take you on a tour of his gardens.


It’s been a mostly rainy week, but that hasn’t stopped things from blooming.

The Lilac is in all her glory, and when the wind blows the right way, her perfume fills the yard!

Same with the Lily-of-the-Valley down the side of the house. It’s just heavenly!

The Irises are putting on a wonderful show. I wish they bloomed longer. In a week or so they will all be done!

My purple globe Alium has bloomed and it’s amazing. The chives are from the same family, but are a little more subdued – though there are lots of blooms!

I realized I’ve neglected to share pictures of this years front baskets. Like last year, I used Fuschia (though a slightly more subdued colour this time) because it does so well in that shady spot. Also like last year, there’s some ivy, but also mini hanging petunias and some white lobelia for more colour. They will be really nice when everything starts to  drape over the sides.

And last, but definitely not least… my last little project for this year is a sunflower garden. It’s going to be on the outside of the new fence, facing the common area between me and my neighbour. It means I won’t be able to hang quilts there for pictures, but it will be worth it if all my sunflowers take.


I’ve started them in pots under a little plastic tent to keep Mr. Squirrel from eating all the sprouts. There’s a good mix of colours and sizes, so I’m hoping it turns into a really spectacular show by August!

8 thoughts on “Relic’s garden tour

  1. Araignee

    I miss the smell of lilacs. I don’t know anyone that has one anymore. You can’t get that heavenly scent from a bottle. I’ve tried.


  2. Your garden is just beautiful. I wish I had enough sun for irises and alium. In the meantime, I’m enjoying yours.
    The hummingbird pic from a few posts ago is amazing. I’ve also been pleasantly surprised by how well those feeders work.


  3. Shirley

    Relic and your garden are both beautiful! Love all the yellows and purples of the flowers that are in bloom now. Those hanging baskets are very pretty and will only get prettier as they fill in.


  4. I love the smell of lilies of the valley! I miss them from our old house. WE do have amazing lilacs bushes that are in over bloom mode! I can smell them from the kitchen window! I love sunflowers. SO far the chives you sent are rocking it


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