Here comes the sun

You may remember back at the start of the month, I showed you the sunflowers I’d started.

Well they were getting to the point where I had to do something about them.

The original plan was to dig a new garden the entire length of the outside of the backyard fence (we’re an end unit and there’s a big chunk of green space between us and the block of townhouses beside us.) I was going to fill it with tomatoes and sunflowers and maybe a couple other veg. It was not to be this year, but I thought I  could at least dig one section of fence and put my sunflowers in.

I didn’t have enough beach rocks to outline an entire section, but I made it as big as I could.


And  that may look like a lot of sunflowers in a very small patch, but if you’ve ever started sunflowers from seed, you’ll know they are absolute squirrel magnets. I fully expect to lose at least half, if not more, to the furry fiends.


Here it is a week later. As you can see, the right side is already looking sparse. But I’ve got my fingers crossed they will leave me a few of each type. (There are a range of sizes and colours, I’m so excited!)

Elsewhere in the garden…


You may have noticed that I didn’t buy any snap dragons this year. That’s because my main garden centre doesn’t sell them, and I didn’t get over to the one that does. Snapdragons are annuals here in the Great White North, so they don’t normally come back… but by some miracle, this one did! I’m guessing it’s because it was in the shelter of the Chicago Peace rose. Regardless, I am happy – especially since it’s such wonderful, fiery colour!

The Delphinium are starting to bloom. Above are my purple and pale pink varieties, but I also have a brilliant blue which blooms a little slower. I had a solid white one, but it looks like I lost it over winter.


The lilies are just starting to bloom and first past the post is this gorgeous blushing trumpet lily. The lilies have really spread this year so I should have quite a show in a week or two.

A couple last-minute newbies were added this week as well. I actually stopped in at the centre’s clearance only to see if they had a Lavender plant left. Neighbour Krista lost hers this year, so I wanted to surprise her with a new one. Luckily they did, but these also followed me home. Top is a Heuchera (also known as Coral Bells or Foamy bells) in Honey Rose. I’ve wanted one for a very long time. They do well in shade and add a great bit of colour right to the end of fall. It’s in the front garden, and will help add some much needed fall colour.

Below on the left is a Sagifraxa (also known as London Pride), It’s a sedum-like plant that does well in part shade. Beside is a Sedum called Czar’s Gold. I had one last year, but it died over winter. Both are filling in spaces in the front garden. That area was filled with Hens and Chicks, but the darn squirrels keep digging them up and running off with them!


And finally, I leave you with the gnomes, who have taken up residence in their summer home in the tree garden. Honestly, next year, I think all that sedum is going to over-grow their summer home, but they can enjoy the space for now!

6 thoughts on “Here comes the sun

  1. Shirley

    Your gardens are so pretty. When you show us what is blooming, I am reminded of the difference in our growing seasons. So many of the plants you are showing have already passed their prime. Sunflowers are 3-4 feet tall. Coral bells are a perennial in my area and they always thrived for me – even in a container. Love the color of your snapdragon.


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