In secret

With Paisley’s quilt top done, and a project box open, I’ve started something new. Sadly, I can’t show you. It’s also a Christmas present, but I think the recipient reads this blog. And if I showed what it was, it would be blatantly obvious who it was for.

I can show you the fabrics though…


It took me a while to hunt them all down from different sources, but I’m so glad I did. When you see the finished project (sadly, you’ll have to wait until after Christmas), you’ll understand why.

But for now, all the fun has to remain under wraps!

7 thoughts on “In secret

  1. Val you are so far ahead for holidays! It is almost 6 months from now. Im just getting over snow, and cheering on my seedlings. I can’t think Winter , but I bet I wish I would have later in theyear!


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