Top o’ the mountain

With Paisley’s quilt top done, I was full of energy and decided to bang out another top.


Of course, Bear Mountain is a baby quilt, so it came together pretty quickly. I had the paws already done, it just needed sashing and borders.

And since you can’t be a Bear Mountain without some bears…


I fussy cut a few of these little bears for the corner stones between the paws.

For borders: The blue grid was a fat quarter I had in my stash, and the green was leftover from Aliza in Wonderland.


But it’s the grey I’m really excited about… it was a remnant at Lens, and when I first bought it, I thought maybe it was duck prints, or little tulip flowers. But turned upside down… it kind of looks like little snow-capped mountain tops!


For the back, I’ve got a snuggly chunk of  blue-grey flannel, and lots of the green left for binding. Look for an FO post on this one soon!

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