FO: Mystic Maze

The FO train keeps a-rollin’….


While I quilted Mystic Maze a week or so ago, I wasn’t able to finish up the binding until this week. But now it’s all sewn down and it completes another wonderful quilt.


It’s a very simple pattern that looks complex thanks to a mix of vibrant, jewel-tone batiks, whimsical cat fabrics and sturdy, solid black. The finished quilt is a good size too – almost 70″ square.


The purple border and backing fabric aren’t batik, but a 108″ wide backing fabric that looks surprisingly close to some of the batiks in the quilt. It was a no-brainer to use it.  I did my usual loops for quilting, but this one has something a little extra… though it’s hard to see. The thread is a variegated blue-purple. Sadly, the camera doesn’t show it well – but it looks pretty cool in real life.

And with that, the year is almost half over and I’ve already completed 12 quilts! Amazing!

7 thoughts on “FO: Mystic Maze

  1. Shirley

    That quilt is spectacular. The fabrics just make it. Of course, the cat fabric makes it even more special. How impressive that you are making two quilts a month!


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