Sockwork orange

With the ankle socks off the needles, I needed another pair on….


And as you can see – they won’t be on for much longer either!  They are man-sized, but just plain vanilla. I needed something I could knit easily at the trailer. As a result, I flew through the first one and I’m well on my way to finishing the second one.

I’m liking this monogamy thing… should we take bets on how long it will last?

10 thoughts on “Sockwork orange

  1. Those colors are wonderful!

    I finished a pair of socks the other day, and decided before I started anything else, I’d try to finish the cowl I’m also knitting. I don’t know why I feel they both have to be done before anything else, but there you go.


  2. Everything you’ve finished recently is spectacular!!! I love the pop of color in Lily’s socks, perfect. And the quilt!!! It is gorgeous. And the new socks are even more so because they are orange! I love orange!!


  3. Shirley

    Love the colors of the yarn in that sock! The colors I see on my monitor just scream fall (my very favorite time of the year). I am sure thoughts of your next projects are running thru your mind. You have been so very productive.


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