Sprites in the garden

Remember that free charm pack I showed you the other week…? Well with some help from my favourite furry assistant…


it’s now been sewn into a top for a baby blanket…


Meet Sprite’s Garden. A few months ago, Mom showed me an easy way to make stars using charm squares. You simply snowball the corners of four of the 5″ squares with 2.75″ squares, and assemble like a nine patch.  It’s a fun easy technique that gives endless layout options.

I’d picked the solid purple up on clearance, along with this cute chunk of flannel for a back…


As soon as I got the charm pack, I knew it would work well with both. I’m hoping to quilt it this weekend, but we’ll have to see how things go.

10 thoughts on “Sprites in the garden

  1. Shirley

    Such a pretty quilt – and furry assistant! I love the simplicity of that pattern and the end result. I am saving your instructions for future reference. Absolutely, a perfect baby quilt and so many possibilities just depending on fabric choices.


  2. I love the corners of this one! OUT OF nowhere I started sobbing about Bear today. Gheesh. He was such a great lil boy……
    I will be showing you the seeds you sent, now sprouted !! you can tell me what they are. I only remember the chives! !


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