When life gives you lemons…

Make socks!


With Owen’s Christmas socks off the needles, I immediately cast on for his little brother Ethan…

Now when I say little… I mean it only in the sense of being younger. Ethan, like all the kids in my life, is growing up fast, and his feet are already almost man-sized. For his pair, it’s Sock-Ease again, but this time in the Lemon-drop colourway. I’m doing a simple 2-2 garter rib for the leg and plain stockinette for the foot. As you can see, the first one is done.

Knitting monogamy is still holding and I’m moving on the second… stay tuned for an FO post in the not too distant future.


12 thoughts on “When life gives you lemons…

  1. The sock is so pretty! I like the way the ribbing looks more complicated due to the color stripes! Good job on the sock knitting front!!!!

    (the glitch in the programming for your blog has been corrected-my info finally shows up automatically in the details -email, name and blog address lines-so nice to have it corrected by the IT people finally!)


  2. Ha! I just finished reading, “When Life Give You Lululemons”, and I had to ask my sister what the heck Lululemons were…it’s book #3 of the “The Devil Wears Prada” series, and while a terrific read, I am very glad to NOT be in the category of Lululemon-wearing moms.


  3. Me Too ! Me Too! I love yellow socks !!! But I rarely knit them. Its time!

    Flowers continue to bloom under cloudy drizzling skies. The 3rd type of my clematis, is now blooming ! Smaller flowers but just as lovely as the other two types. I’ve been using Miracle Gro regularly. The small trees we have planted also have gotten some miracle. It can’t hurt!
    Im waiting for your seeds to reveal themselves with blooms. Did you send me marigolds ? I know there are chives. Echinacea? I mixed them all and planted them in a cool copper bucket.


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