Indoor outdoor

I’ve mentioned before that I take most of the indoor plants outside for the summer. And they are lovin’ it this summer.


My Burgundy shamrock is looking so cute in its little watering can planter. Especially with that single pink bloom.


The green shamrocks are just as happy, thought their pot is plain.


I think my Christmas cactus is confused by all the gifts I’ve been completing, because they are definitely blooming at the wrong time. The white one you see above is in full bloom.


The pink Cactus is getting new sections, too, so it must be happy.

I’ve got several spiders plants, and a little bonsai outside that are all loving the fresh air, but the thing I’m most excited about is this…


I bought a small passionflower sprout off a lady on Facebook four years ago. And while it’s continued to grow, I’ve never been able to get blooms. Last year, I had a couple buds, but they dropped off before blooming.

This winter, while it was inside, I started to give it a little Miracle Gro. The plant REALLY beefed up. I moved it outside in spring, but other than the new  leaves, not much seemed different. Until about a month ago when it started putting up flower buds. And there are lots of them!

The flowers only last one day, but they are so pretty.  It’s definitely been worth the wait!

9 thoughts on “Indoor outdoor

  1. Araignee

    I need to get some Miracle Grow. My mom swore by it and my two pitiful indoor plants are looking a little sad at the moment.


    1. That burgundy shamrock is a perfect combination with the chartreuse watering can. Great pop!

      I had a volunteer Passion flower several years ago. It was just a vine, until one year it went crazy and tried to strangle the nearby bamboo, rhododendron, and lilac! I had to take it down, *after* it bloomed. It was glorious.


  2. Shirley

    Your potted plants are just beautiful! Love the passion flower. I thought the Christmas cactus needed cool/cold nights to set the buds. Yours are certainly thriving.


  3. Jocelyn Ahlers

    Beautiful! I really love the passionflower – they are such neat plants. I’m really glad yours has decided to give you some blooms 🙂


  4. Oh Miracle Grow ! it surely helps! Love your passionflowers!!!!

    once I asked the carmelite nuns if I could bring them anything as they had prayed for us, and they giggled and said, ? Miracle Grow please.
    We thought it pretty funny!


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